Cedric Gervais on NERVO, David Guetta and more!


We sat down with Grammy Award winning artist Cedric Gervais to talk about his music obsessions and his latest song with David Guetta "Would I Lie To You". See what he had to say below.

We're dying to know, what's your current music obsession?

Since starting my own label 'Delecta Records' I have been incredibly inspired by all of the demo submissions from young and upcoming talent. A couple of them are being signed and you'll be hearing them very soon...so much good music on the horizon.

We saw that you performed with another Temple alumni NERVO this week. How was it hanging with those two?

I love the Nervo girls, we trade off shows every now and then, they played my pool party for Miami Music Week last year. We haven't gotten together to play a show in a while though, so it was great to play with them in DC.

We're loving the new song "Would I Lie To You". What was it like working with David Guetta?

David and I have been friends for such a long time and have been wanting to collaborate for years, we always talked about it. When I recently played him a demo of a track I had been working on, he loved it and immediately wanted to finish it with me. We both love the old school funk vibes in this record and it was so easy for us to create, really felt natural.

The video released with "Would I Lie To You" has some amazing graffiti visuals. We're loving the street vibe. What do you think of them? I love the art direction for this project, the team behind it is just incredible. They came to us with the concept with all the graffiti art, and I knew it was perfect right away.

The DJ life has you jet setting across the country on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Any travel tips to share?

American Airlines Concierge Key ;)

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