Sasha Grey Enthralled EDM Fans in Costa Rica


Sasha Grey Enthralled EDM Fans in Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica has a fully developed and mature electronic dance music (EDM) scene that sees international artists perform regularly, the reception given to DJ Sasha Grey at night life event venue, Club Vertigo was quite enthusiastic for a very late Monday night. According to a news report filed by entertainment reporter Ariel Chaves Gonzalez of daily tabloid

According to a news report filed by entertainment reporter Ariel Chaves Gonzalez of daily tabloid Diario Extra, Ms. Grey took the DJ booth at Club Vertigo well after 1:00 a.m. The crowd of more than a thousand pushed the capacity limits, and quite a few fans showed up for more than just her first EDM set at the Paseo Colon venue in San Jose.

As previously reported by The Costa Rica Star, Ms. Grey's real name is Marina Ann Hantzis. She became involved in EDM in 2011; prior to that, she was a very famous star in the adult film industry. As Sasha Grey, she first gained notoriety in the United States talk show circuit, where she discussed her desire to enter the adult film world as soon as she was legally able to. To this effect, she started filming at the age of 18 and became the youngest performer to win industry awards.

As a porn actress, Sasha Grey was known for her inclination to filming extreme sex acts as well as for her advocacy and intellectual approach to the industry. Although she stopped filming at the age of 21, she waited to announce her retirement because she remained one of the most popular porn actresses in the world despite being inactive.

Sasha Grey is also known for her starring role in The Girlfriend Experience, an experimental film directed by Steven Soderbergh. The movie stands out for its early dramatisation of the Great American Recession and for going into detail about the lucrative (and illegal) trade of high-class call girls in the United States. The Girlfriend Experience was later made into a television series on the Starz network. Ms. Grey explained to Diario Extra that she is moving to the North American portion of her world tour. After Costa Rica, she is scheduled to appear at EDM event venues in Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco this month.

Source: The Costa Rica Star

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